Things You Should Know About Bowling

Choosing a Bowling Ball

Most people that have been bowlers for a long time don’t usually worry about which ball to use. They know that they have to choose amongst the balls available at the bowling alley at any time. However, if bowling is something you want to take up seriously, you would need your own personal bowling ball. To determine what type of ball you need, you would have to consider things like its weight, the drilling pattern and coverstock to help you in your games.

Coverstocks for Bowling Balls

If you’ve been to a shop where bowling balls are sold, you would have noticedthat different balls come with different coverstocks. The coverstocks have different purposes, and for that, you should know that many bowlers have more than just one bowling ball, to help them make the type of shot they need. When you are getting your bowling ball, think about the drawbacks, and also the benefits, of using that ball. Balls with plastic coverstocks will make a straight shot, whereas urethane, on the other hand, lasts better and will hook easily. Reactive resin coverstock balls don’t last as long as the other two but will give you better pin action.

Holding the Bowling Ball

Now that you have the right type of ball for your game, you need to know how to hold it the correct way. You can end up getting injured if you hold or throw the ball the wrong way. It can also undoubtedly affect your chances of landing a perfect shot. The bowling ball is usually heavy, and because of that, you have to take proper care when holding it. You should know that actually there are several ways you can hold the bowling ball, but the most important to learn as a beginner is a conventional grip. In this position, you will place your middle and ring finger inside the side-by-side holes, while your thumb will be in the other hole on the ball.

Scoring a Game

Most bowling alleys have machines that take note of your score while playing. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know how the scores are calculated. By understanding how to calculate your score, it will help you to know how to get specific scores and impress your friends.

Don’t Leave out Your Bowling Shoes

If you’re wondering why you need specific shoes for bowling, think about balance and safety. Bowling shoes will help you maintain your lane, and also ensure that other bowlers are safe. The soles of the shoes help you to slide and prevent debris from disturbing your slide step.

Numbering the Bowling Pin Rack

The bowling pins are usually numbered from one to ten and are placed in a triangular arrangement. You should know about the dimensions of the pins, and especially their numbering, to fully understand how to knock down the pins altogether.

Knocking down the Pins with Your Bowling Ball

If you want to succeed in knocking down the pins, you should know how long these bowling pins can last. It is also essential to understand their material, and how many sets that the bowling alley always keeps, as well as how often they are changed by the bowling alley. This would help you know how to knock them down.