The Health Benefits of Bowling

There are approximately over 95 million people around the world that play this game. Bowling isn’t physically exhausting like other sports, and if you are new to the game, you shouldn’t expect any sort of intensive workout. However, players enjoy both physical and mental health benefits with bowling. Here are a few of the benefits of this game.

Building Muscles

If you were to classify bowling, it would fall under aerobic exercise. These exercises are great for the body muscles. When bowling, you are able to build up your leg muscles, as you are moving toward the foul line. Another area where you develop muscles is on your arms when holding the ball.

Exercising the Body

On an average, a bowler walks at least 6/10th of a mile throughout the game. During this game, you not only build muscles but are able to stretch them. Bowling improves your flexibility and works your tendons, joints and ligaments when you are swinging your arms to roll the ball.

Losing Weight

Every time you go bowling, your body burns calories. The number of calories which you burn depends on your body weight and the energy you put into the game. A person can burn between 170 and 300 calories for each game. According to studies, a person weighing 200 pounds will likely lose up to 275 calories every hour bowling.

Relieves Stress

Every day we go through stress, and it doesn’t reduce. People who go bowling: get the benefit of engaging in physical activity that will help them get rid of this stress. The game is a combination of physical activity and social welfare that makes it an excellent way for people to relax after the pressure of the day. Bowling helps teammates and competitors find a way to let go of the stress.

Social Interaction

Bowling may look like an individual competition, but it is not. It involves teammates and competitors that make it a great game. People who participate in bowling are able to build friendships, and foster bonds, that last a long time. Whether it is a professional league or just a social one, bowling helps people interact with one another.