Making Bowling Fun During Team Building

Going for a game of bowling is an effective form of exercise for team building. It fosters a sense of working together and brings a thrill that is needed when you are looking for a way of getting out of the stressful office environment. However, after you go for a few bowling games as a team, you may start feeling as though the novelty is lost. You can spice things up with the following ideas.

Bowling With Blindfolds

It is easier to score during bowling when you can focus on the arrows and throw the ball. Things get a little more complicated and fun if members of the team are blindfolded. The one who can score highest is the winner. The teams are divided into two groups, and one member of each group is blindfolded. The role of the team is to guide the blindfolded member on which line to be at, and how to throw the ball. Of course, the team that gives the best direction and the member who listens and does what they are told will win. Choose a location that allows bowling & team building and many other activities so that you have a variety of games.

Tied Up Buddies

As the name suggests, this bowling game involves tying people together as they bowl. The teams are divided into two, and then members are bound together using a rope. The fun part of the game is that the members have to figure out a way of moving and throwing the ball without tumbling and falling over. It requires a lot of strategy and coordination for it to work, hence the essence of teamwork. There are many other games that you can invent during team building as long as the bottom line is that it teaches the members of the team how to work together.