Eight Simple Bowling Etiquette Rules

If you go bowling, its best to observe specific rules of conduct, especially behaviour that won’t disturb others, that have also come to bowl. Bowling is a very interesting sport and should be enjoyed by everyone. Here are just a few bowling etiquette rules you should observe every time you want to play.

Food and Drink Are Not Allowed

The bowling alley is not the place to eat or have drinks. If you are going bowling, do not bring food or beverages along, because it might be dangerous. The food could spill, and could cause you to fall if it gets stuck on your shoes.

Don’t Waste Time

When you know it’s your turn to bowl, don’t hesitate. That is not the time to use the restroom or to go and snack. Be ready when it’s your turn with no excuses.

Avoid Profane Language

People get into a lot of arguments at the bowling alley, especially the youngsters. When the competition gets hot, and everybody wants to win, it can cause a rift. It’s best to stay clear of cursing when bowling.

Avoid Distracting Behaviour

You shouldn’t distract others around you who also want to bowl. If you have your bowling ideas, its best to keep them to yourself, and if you’re going to have fun, do so. Just don’t cause too much attention that’s loud enough to distract others.

Stop Talking

When you are bowling, bowl. It’s not the time to talk, and also not the time to speak to someone else that is also bowling. Bowling is a sport involves a lot of concentration, and talking does not help anybody get that. If you keep talking, you will end up making the person falter.

Keep the Spare Ball Away from the Return Ball

There are times when you go bowling that you notice the ball return is full. If you have an extra ball in your rack, put it on one side, so that it does not jam up the ball return.

Be Ready

Whenever you decide to take a trip to the bowling alley, always be ready to bowl.